Preclarus Mastery Academy has begun its second school year in St. Louis, which also marks its second year in receiving financial services from ARCHS' Leveraged Resources Management (LRM).

"The first year (with LRM) went very well. We were able to capitalize on LRM's experience with other charter schools and not-for-profits," said Elaine Flipping, Director of Operations and Finance at Preclarus. "We were very successful in meeting reporting demands from the school board and the various regulatory agencies."

For its second school year, Preclarus is up to almost 150 students. For enrollment or general information, visit the Preclarus website.

"Preclarus wanted a well-established financial service partner. LRM has the fund accounting experience, the technology, and the staff," Flipping said. "We avoid hiring, training, and long lead time required to reach the expertise and level of performance that LRM has already attained."