Charter schools are popping up all over St. Louis, and as quickly as they are opening their doors, they are also turning to ARCHS' Leveraged Resources Management (LRM) for their financial expertise.

Better Learning Communities Academy (BLCA) is a new kindergarten, first, and second grade charter school which will open this August. BLCA plans to be a localized school within the Hyde Park Neighborhood that offers smaller class sizes and particular attention to each individual child's needs.

"The neighborhood schools here have not performed while the neighborhood has re-generated. This neighborhood deserves a school that gives their kids a good education," said John Gerber, Chairman of the Better Learning Communities Board, which is responsible for opening BLCA. "We fully intend to be a top 10 school in the entire State of Missouri, and we've hired the correct people to get us there."

One of the key elements BLCA will implement towards it success are individual learning plans for each student. The plans will be reviewed weekly by Principal Crystal Church, and monthly by the Better Learning Communities Board.

The school will be a neighborhood school, but it will open its doors to students from other areas if enough children within the 2-mile radius do not register. However, neighborhood residents are already responding positively to the new charter school.

"We are just starting enrollment, and there is already a strong interest picking up. We're looking for over 100 students," said Cathy Rodgers-Edmonds, Business Manager for BLCA. "We believe every child can and will learn at Better Learning Communities Academy."

In order to properly serve the children of the Hyde Park Neighborhood, BLCA turns to LRM to handle its financials after a referral from KIPP St. Louis, another charter school that relies on LRM.

"We were impressed with LRM, highly impressed with the professionalism that LRM brings, and their speed to respond at a very reasonable fee," Gerber said. "LRM is very responsive to our needs, which allows us to give much more attention to the education of our students and the proper management of the school."

BLCA plans to add additional grade levels each subsequent year, maxing out at 8th grade. For more information, call 314-436-2603.