Area not-for-profits are finding a continued value in Leveraged Resources Management (LRM), as the full-service provider of financial services has added three new clients in recent months. Organizations including Interfaith Partnership/Faith Beyond Walls, Missouri Health Connection, and Preclarus Mastery Academy have all chosen LRM to handle their various financial needs.

As a start-up school, steady contact and communication were key components to why Preclarus choose LRM.

"We choose LRM after we had three bids from accounting companies. We were looking for someone with experience in public school and charter school accounting, which LRM had," said Daryl McAdoo, Preclarus Mastery Academy Chief Executive Officer. "We really ended up choosing LRM because they offered a greater breadth of services, they are local, and it seemed like they would be able to accommodate our needs."

Preclarus is a 5th-12th grade, independent, charter school. Free tuition is offered to any student living within St. Louis city limits. Preclarus ensures quantifiable academic achievement of its students; it demands that every child can, and will, succeed academically given targeted instructional delivery, and high behavioral and academic expectations; and it maintains an uncompromising achievement focused school culture at all times.

Preclarus' goals, educational model, disciplinary approach, and instructional practices all align to personify these three core expectations.

"We are an honors academy, so we have a lot of benchmarks for our students. We offer pretty much all the things everyone wants, but not everyone wants to pay for," McAdoo said. "Our standards for our students are very high."

Preclarus is currently recruiting rising 5th grade students to join its school for the 2011-2012 school year.