St. Louis For Kids' staff lead the After School For All Partnership for St. Louis' (ASAP) 3rd Quarter Training in February 2011. The organization turns to ARCHS' Leveraged Resources Management (LRM) to handle its accounting needs.Local children's advocate St. Louis for Kids provides leadership, coordination, technical assistance, and advocacy to the region's youth-serving organizations focused on improving the quality, accessibility, and sustainability of non-school hours. The hope is youth have the opportunity to achieve their full potential and grow into healthy adults.

"St. Louis for Kids provides many programs and services that aim to improve the quality of life for youth," said Rose Anderson-Rice, Executive Director. "We are the only organization in the region solely focused on out-of-school time programs making sure that the time young people spend in these settings is the highest-quality possible."

Through its many programs, St. Louis for Kids' vision is for every child who needs it will have access to a safe, high-quality program during non-school hours. 

"The impact St. Louis for Kids has is so important. Children in our community need and deserve well-trained, caring adults who have the skills, knowledge, and abilities to engage them and inspire them to achieve in life and grow to be productive citizens," Anderson-Rice said. "We help cultivate those skills in adults so that they can better serve the children in our community. We share best practice methods and work along side program staff building off their strengths."

By having ARCHS' Leveraged Resources Management (LRM) handle all of its accounting needs, St. Louis for Kids is given the ability to report to specific funders how their money is spent.

"We've worked together to determine what works best for our organization and LRM has been good about customizing their services to meet our needs," Anderson-Rice said. "All we have to do is submit the vouchers and LRM handles the rest. Reports are created that are shared with our Board, and whenever we need financial reports we are able to get those with no problem."

ARCHS and St. Louis for Kids jointly serve as the intermediary organization supporting the After School for All Partnership (ASAP).