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LRM Spotlight: St. Louis For Kids

St. Louis For Kids' staff lead the After School For All Partnership for St. Louis' (ASAP) 3rd Quarter Training in February 2011. The organization turns to ARCHS' Leveraged Resources Management (LRM) to handle its accounting needs.Local children's advocate St. Louis for Kids provides leadership, coordination, technical assistance, and advocacy to the region's youth-serving organizations focused on improving the quality, accessibility, and sustainability of non-school hours. The hope is youth have the opportunity to achieve their full potential and grow into healthy adults.

"St. Louis for Kids provides many programs and services that aim to improve the quality of life for youth," said Rose Anderson-Rice, Executive Director. "We are the only organization in the region solely focused on out-of-school time programs making sure that the time young people spend in these settings is the highest-quality possible."

Through its many programs, St. Louis for Kids' vision is for every child who needs it will have access to a safe, high-quality program during non-school hours. 

"The impact St. Louis for Kids has is so important. Children in our community need and deserve well-trained, caring adults who have the skills, knowledge, and abilities to engage them and inspire them to achieve in life and grow to be productive citizens," Anderson-Rice said. "We help cultivate those skills in adults so that they can better serve the children in our community. We share best practice methods and work along side program staff building off their strengths."

LRM Announces Missouri Health Information Organization as a New Client

In April, LRM announced the Missouri Health Information Organization as a new client.

Missouri Health Connection (formerly MHIO) oversees the development of Missouri's statewide health information exchange that will help ensure patients and healthcare providers have access to critical health record information in order to improve public health and patient care.

 “As a newly formed public-private non-profit organization, we chose ARCHS' LRM because they came highly recommended, and they’ve consistently demonstrated a clear understanding of what we need," said Raul Recarey, President of Missouri Health Information Organization. “Having LRM help with our administrative and financial operations allows us to focus more attention on our mission of creating a statewide health information exchange which will leverage technology to improve public health and patient care.” With the addition of MHIO, LRM is providing support to 20 clients with combined annual budgets of $28.2 million.

KIPP St. Louis Finds Value in ARCHS' LRM

It was a regular day for KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) Inspire Academy Executive Director Thomas Walker as he walked down the school’s hallways, checking in on classes to see what progress was being made. Each student he passed along his tour looked up with a smile and a “Hi, Dr. Walker.”

“KIPP is a college-prep school,” Walker said. “We don’t want our kids to just go to college, but also go through college.”

KIPP is a national network of free, open-enrollment, charter-schools dedicated to preparing students for success in college and life. There are 99 KIPP schools in 20 states, serving more than 26,000 students. Over 85 percent of KIPP students nationwide go to college.

Here in St. Louis, the KIPP school sits on Ohio Avenue. The school serves the same district as St. Louis Public Schools, Walker said.

LRM Announces New Client; Upcoming Events in April

ARCHS' Leveraged Resources Management (LRM) is excited to announce its new client, Interfaith Partnership/Faith Beyond Walls. Faith Beyond Walls' mission is to be a collaborative organization for all faith groups, congregations, religious, and community-based organizations in the Greater St. Louis area. The organization aims to provide a timely voice and visible presence of the religious community by bringing together people of faith for dialogue, celebration, and increased understanding.

LRM client Crime Victim Advocacy Center will hold a Trivia Night on Saturday, April 16 at Cardinal Ritter High School (701 N. Spring Ave, St. Louis 63108). Doors open at 6 p.m. and questions begin at 7 p.m. Click HERE to find out more information.

LRM client Saint Louis Effort for AIDS will hold its annual Dining Out For Life 2011 on Thursday, April 28. Over 130 area restaurants will be taking part in the event and will donate at least 25 percent of each bill to fund programs for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in the St. Louis community. Click HERE for more information.

LRM SPOTLIGHT: Nonprofit Services Center

Nonprofit Services Center's 'Missouri Budget Forum: 2011 State Budget Impact and Response' Nonprofit Services Center operates through a mission of area not-for-profits collaborating together to inform, promote, and connect with one another’s programs, services, and resources to improve lives of the populations served. Through its mission, the organization envisions the region’s not-for-profits serving as leaders in the creation of communities that are safer, more just, and more vibrant places for people to live.

“The sector we support is very important. It’s a pivotal role in our society that fills gaps and acts as an anchor,” said Deborah Cooper, Nonprofit Services Center President. “As area nonprofits are filling gaps around critical needs, we want to make sure we are able to support them through workshops, connecting them to resources, trainings, coaching, assisting in capacity building, grants, and technical assistance.”

Cooper said communities are “ever changing” so Nonprofit Services Center works to provide complementary responsive programming to support those changing needs.

“We help maximize their efforts. We want sustainable nonprofits around,” Cooper said. “We are a nonprofit ourselves, so we understand the practical day-to-day issues and are able to provide programming to address the needs out there.”

In order to serve area not-for-profits, Nonprofit Services Center has turned to ARCHS’ Leveraged Resources Management (LRM) to handle its financials, since LRM is a full-service provider of financial services for not-for-profit businesses and organizations.

Cooper said LRM provides Nonprofit Services Center with a “very cost effective” way to handle the businesses’ financial side, and also allows a segregation of duties, which she said was a positive.

“It allows us a comfort and peace of mind as it relates to our financials because at the end of the day, we have to report to the funding community,” Cooper said. “From the aspect of our mission, by having LRM handle the financials, our dollars can best be used towards ours mission which is helping the region’s nonprofits that serve many people.”


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